Herniated Disc Lawyer

Tony Elman, Lead Trial Attorney, The Elman Joseph Law Group

This Herniated Disc Lawyer website is published by the Elman Joseph Law Group, LLC.  Elman Joseph Law Group has been serving the Chicago metropolitan area’s car, vehicle, and personal injury accident legal needs for nearly three decades.

A herniated disc (also referred to as a ruptured disc, slipped disc, or herniated disk) occurs when a disc in the spine, either entirely or partially, is forced through a weakened part of the disc. This may place pressure on nearby nerves and cause a host of symptoms and complications, including pain, tingling, aches, and numbness.  Muscle weakness and immobility can also manifest due to herniated disc injuries.

While these maladies may get better over time, they also may get worse.

Often, these herniated disc injuries occur during an automobile or vehicle accident. This is because great – and unnatural – stress can be put on the spinal column during these vehicle accidents. As mentioned above, these slipped discs can potentially cause back, neck, and leg pain that can be severe.

After a car or vehicle accident, many injuries, including those of the back and neck, can go unnoticed and undiagnosed.  Alternatively, sometimes those injured believe the pain or discomfort will subside over time.  While the pain and other symptoms may subside, if it doesn’t, the accident victim may incur a lifetime of pain, discomfort, and limited mobility.  If such is the case, the accident victim will want to be adequately compensated for such things as medical bills, medical treatments, lost wages, pain and suffering, and emotional distress.

Elman Joseph Law Group, LLC concentrates in car accidents, vehicle accidents, and other personal injury and wrongful death cases in Illinois.  This focus allows us to consistently achieve attractive verdicts and settlements for our client base.

Elman Joseph Law Group has been in business for 25+ years.  This level of experience in Illinois law in the Chicagoland area gives us a long-term perspective and heightened awareness as to how much your case may be worth, and the best methods in which to attain monetary awards.

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As well, Elman Joseph Law Group retains all of its cases – we do not transfer cases to other law firms.

Elman Joseph Law Group often takes its cases to court, as opposed to accepting settlements.  Often, taking a case to trial may result in a higher monetary award rather than settlement.  In some cases (such as that discussed in the June 21 post “Elman Joseph Law Group Wins $746,000 Jury Verdict In Cook County Slip & Fall Lawsuit,”) Elman Joseph Law Group has achieved a substantial jury verdict when no settlement was offered.

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